- Eat & Beat 2006 -

Well, now that the fifth annual "Eat & Beat" is over I guess it's time to make a page for it!

This one was on August 26th 2006 and even with the rain the determined crazies

with their cars made more smoke than the the California forest fires

There was  a little more excitement this year due to a few who drove beyond their ability!

and even one who thought he had a 1/4 mile to run it out instead of

300 feet and ended up sideays at the edge of the parking lot

I'll have to check a few for a stunt driving licence next year :o)

All the people who came and   "entertained" made it an enjoyable event

Thanks to all those who helped setup and work,  and those who drove it like ya stole it !

0EB2.JPG (23155 bytes)

Not the best start but after we talked and he learned I

had it ok'd with his lieutenent all was cool the rest of the day.

0skeet1.JPG (34116 bytes)

I know he's having fun!

0skeet8.JPG (31082 bytes)

Buick????? Pontiac?????? another GM mixed breed?

0skeet3.JPG (26619 bytes)

This guy was one of the stunt driveres........

0skeet4.JPG (30276 bytes)

here is how it started.......... and I'll "post" how it ended when I get that pic.

0skeet5.JPG (37203 bytes)

Thats not tire smoke I think it's oil from that Pontiac engine :o)

0skeet6.JPG (35551 bytes)

OK, maybe not........ it's the tires

.0skeet9.JPG (29174 bytes)

Second gear work great for tire smoke!

0skeet12.JPG (30954 bytes)

And more tire smoke....... would that be considerd second hand smoke??????

0skeet16.JPG (20163 bytes)

Where did he go?????? holy smokes (really)

0skeet17.JPG (24896 bytes)

V-6 with a turbo and some other very cool work on Andy's car

0skeet19.JPG (23734 bytes)

Andy's car is very healthy and so is Bobby's Mustang (which will be shown when I get the other pics)..... way cool!

I'm will add more as I receive the pictures!!!!!!!!

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